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Talent Pulse

Talent Pulse, our on-demand competency-based survey solution for workforce optimization. This targeted, detailed, and deep analysis software can be used alone or to supplement your existing tools or software suites.

Talent Pulse provides a secure means with which to capture workforce capability from employees via surveys. Our workflow begins with employee self-assessment and ends with manager validation. Reports are used to document the workflow and analytical reports and dashboards are provided to line management, senior management, and HR for analytics.

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Employee Benefits


Make sure strengths are known and put to use.


Find and take advantage of available project experiences and targeted training.

Find Good
Role Matches

Engage anywhere within the organization based on skills and competencies.


Frame and motivate discussions between managers and employees about professional development.

Company Benefits

Identify Skills and Competencies

Gain clarity on what you have in house before deciding to hire or outsource.

Align Current Staff

Keep up with changing organizational needs.

Discover Capabilities

Find unknown and unrealized potential within the organization.

Maximize Investments

Be sure that enablement programs truly address capabilities deficiencies before moving ahead.

Supercharge Mobility

Improve transparency and fluidity for your workforce by tying capabilities to roles.

Measure Results

Assure complete, well-documented, and actionable results from surveys.