Channel and Business Partners

Alcuin engages with both channel and business partners to give our customers the full range of expertise to optimize their organizations and manage change.

Channel Partners

Channel Partners are consulting companies typically working with clients on change management, organizational development, and workforce development.

These consultants:

  • Want to extend current offering with their clients
  • Continue to manage their clients from sales through deployment
  • Are interested in an affordable and repeatable solution to deliver to their clients
  • May want to resell our software, or may prefer to have us sell software directly to their clients
  • May want to be able to configure and operate our software independently



Business Partners

Potential Business Partners are LMS or Training Systems software providers looking to team up with Alcuin in the marketplace to create a broader and more substantial offering.

  • Mid-sized companies with current LMS or training offerings and a customer base in North America
  • Would like to have “Talent”-like functionality to enhance their product offerings
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If your organization would like to be a channel or business partner.