Talent development and lifelong learning for personnel are key to your organization’s performance

We provide user-friendly solutions backed by state-of-the-art technologies and processes to make it easy for you to get excellent results

  • Create a capability/competency baseline from which to start your human resource planning.
  • Find the best matches between your people and roles within your departments and/or across your organization.
  • Prioritize what types of training are needed by your current staff in order to maximize performance.
  • Know with certainty whether the capabilities and competencies for which you’re hiring are present and available within your current employee base.
  • Likewise, know with certainty which capabilities and competencies must be sourced from outside.
  • Know in detail which level of skills and experience are required, and be able to measure levels in applicants.
  • Have a solid basis on which to decide whether to train existing employees, hire new ones, or outsource assistance.
  • Create validated competency results showing strong/weak areas (by region, department, and role.
  • Update your training curriculum to reflect current and future needs based on quantitative results.
  • Reduce turnover and loss of talent
  • Ensure employees know which career paths could take them outside their current silos
  • Empower employees to find the best fits for role assignments when it’s time to make a chang
  • Prepare roles, skills, and competency models and workforce map for new implementation.
  • Make sure your staff has the capability at the correct levels to implement the new system.

Our solutions

Talent Pulse

alcuin Talent Pulse

On-demand competency-based survey solution for workforce optimization. This targeted, deep analysis software gives you visibility into your workforce capability and supercharges your organizational planning.

Talent HR


Full talent management suite for Recruiting, Onboarding
Training, Performance, Compensation and Careers.

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